How do I deploy my own Cordite node?

We use Docker to deploy Cordite nodes. For instructions on starting up a Cordite node using Docker, please visit our Docker Hub Repo for more information on configuration including environment variables:

$ docker run -p 8080:8080 -p 10002:10002 cordite/cordite

Once the node is running, you will be able to see the REST API for accessing Cordite at https://localhost:8080/api

If you do not wish to use Docker then alternatively you can download the Cordite node and run without docker by running ./ You will need Oracle JRE 8 JVM - minimum supported version 8u131.

Environment Variables

Cordite uses environment variables to configure Cordite and create amoungst other things the Corda node.conf file.

Env Name Description Default
CORDITE_LEGAL _NAME The name of the node O=Cordite-XXX , OU=Cordite, L =London, C=GB
CORDITE_P2P_ ADDRESS The address other nodes will use to speak to your node localhost:100 02
CORDITE_COMPA TIBILITY_ZONE _URL The address of the Network Map Service. https://nms-t est.cordite.fou ndation
CORDITE_KEY_ STORE_PASSWOR D Keystore password cordacadevpas s
CORDITE_TRUST _STORE_PASSW ORD Truststore password trustpass
CORDITE_DB_U SER Username for db sa
CORDITE_DB_P ASS Password for db dnpass
CORDITE_DB_D IR Path to db directory - only used for H2 /opt/cordite/ db/
CORDITE_DB_U RL database JDBC URI <default cord a url>
CORDITE_DB_D RIVER driver class name for database access - this image comes preconfigured with postgres 42.2.5 - you can use org.postgresql .ds.PGSimpleData Source to enable it ``org.h2.jdbcx. JdbcDataSource` `
CORDITE_BRAID _PORT Braid port 8080
CORDITE_DEV_ MODE Start up node in dev mode true
CORDITE_DETEC T_IP Allow node to auto detect external visible IP false
CORDITE_TLS_ CERT_PATH Path to TLS certificate null
CORDITE_NOTAR Y Set to true to be a validating notary, false for non-validating or do not set to be a notary null
CORDITE_METER ING_CONFIG JSON to set metering notary configuration null
CORDITE_FEE_ DISPERSAL_CON FIG JSON to set metering fee dispersal config null

Volume Mounts

File/Folder Description
/opt/cordite/n ode.conf Configuration file detailing specifics of your node - will be created using env variables if a node.conf is not mounted
/opt/cordite/d b Location of the database for that node - for persistence, use volume mount
/opt/cordite/c ertificates Location of the nodes’ corda certificates - will be created if no certificates are mounted to node and devmode=true
/opt/cordite/t ls-certificate s Location of TLS certificates - will use self-signed certificates if none are mounted to node