Issue Management


The issues backlog is actively managed. All issues are labeled for importance using MSCW method and urgency using AQL method. Please use the MUST, SHOULD, COULD, WONT labels to define important and CRITICAL, MAJOR, MINOR for urgency on all issues raised using the label defintions.


The next two milestones are open. Issues that are being actively worked on and expected to be delivered in time for the milestone are added to the milestone. Adding issues to milestones does not make them actively worked on. Only issues that are actively worked tend to make it into milestones!

Tagging / Release

Please do not use tags. Tagging is reserved for releases.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

We follow trunk based development. All successfull builds of master are released to Maven Central (as a snapshot), DockerHub (tagged EDGE) and the Cordite EDGE network is upgraded.


Master is released every two weeks as a new tagged release to the public binary stores (maven central, dockerhub, gitlab artefacts) and the Cordite Test upgraded. Maintainers follow Semantic Versioning when tagging the code and creating new releases.