Getting in touch


If you encounter any issues whilst using Cordite, and your issue is not documented, please raise an issue.


We welcome contributions both technical and non-technical with open arms! There’s a lot of work to do here, and we’re especially concerned with ensuring the longevity and reliability of the project.

Please take a look at our issue backlog if you are unsure where to start with getting involved!

Repository Access

While we are in private alpha, please go to the slack channel (#cordite channel on Corda slack) to request access to the repository


The first release, v0.1.0, was tagged through gitlab, on a version of the code that we saw pass the pipeline. Unless mentioned otherwise the process will continue the same and we will be releasing every two weeks. Currently we will not really follow SEMVAR specification util the api settles down. Once it is, we will release v1.0.0 and follow SEMVAR from there onwards.