Metering CLI Demonstration

In this CLI demonstration we will: - Transfer some tokens between accounts on different nodes - Look at outstanding invoices on the metering notary - Pay the metering invoice for the transaction - Look at the balances of the metering notary, guardian notary and committee node to check that the funds from the invoice payment have been dispersed correctly

Commands used

Node Command
amer ledger.transferToken("50.00", Token1.descriptor.uri, "Georgina", Dick, "transfer",
emea ledger.balanceForAccount("Dick")
amer meterer.listInvoices("ISSUED")
amer transactionId = meterer.listInvoices("ISSUED"[0] teredTransactionId
amer meterer.payInvoice({meteredTransactionId:transactionId,from Account:"Georgina"})
metering notary ledger.balanceForAccount("metering-notary-account1")
guardian notary ledger.balanceForAccount(“guardian-notary-account1”)
committee ledger.balanceForAccount(dao-foundation-account”)